A few years back, I went to a cosmetic skin care lab where they measured the bacteria on my face. I was truly horrified as the complexion scanner revealed I was a very generous host.

Fast forward to now and we are embracing our microbes and learning how to feed the essential bacteria that keeps our skin healthy and resilient.

Murad Prebiotics

We all have both good and bad micro-organisms in and on our bodies. Trillions of them, everywhere (technical image above ;-)). The collection of bacteria is called the microbiome and we are just at the very edge of our knowledge of this complex system. While it’s thought that everything from swimming in the sea to eating sauerkraut can be healthy for our microbiome, when it comes to skin, finding a balance is less demanding.

We’re all aware that anti-bacterial products kill off blemish encouraging bacteria, but of course, there’s no way to distinguish between the good and the bad, so the whole lot go. Keeping our good bacteria flourishing is a more effective way forward. Further, our desire to wash daily doesn’t help – evolution hasn’t caught up with modern cleanliness habits but I can’t see us giving up the showers any time soon. Good bacteria really needs to be there to keep your skin and complexion balanced, hydrated and healthy so everything you can do to keep it in shape will pay off.

Murad Prebiotic 3-in-1 MultiMist is the simplest possible way to use prebiotics to allow beneficial skin bacteria to flourish. It’s literally a spritz using a complex of prebiotic hydrating sugars, yeast peptides and biopolymers (that acts as a primer so you can use it under your make-up). I’ve combined it with the Prebiotic 4-in-1 MultiCleanser which I’ve been alternating with balms. They’re both hydrating but it’s the bugs I’m chasing! Hemisqualine (make up dissolver), Cyclic Peptide (cleansing), Prebiotic Powder and Hyaluronic Acid with Prebiotic Hydrating Sugars are where the action is.

You’re likely to see the benefits more quickly if you have a complexion that’s out of balance in the first place by making your skin a more hospitable place for the good flora to blossom. Even if your skin is in good condition, prebiotics act as a support mechanism to keep it that way.

I’m not blemish prone, but I have been burning the midnight oil (in a good way) over the three weeks I’ve been using these two products – you can’t tell by my skin I promise which is looking actually quite radiant (if I say so myself!). I love that a cleanse and a spritz is doing so much more that we could possibly imagine for our unique protective layer. You can find both products HERE.

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