When I hear the words ‘radiance enhancer’ I am straight on it! Radiance, in my view, is the single most enhancing quality skin of any age can have. It’s the thing that makes complexions look full of vitality and light and is an achievable goal with some care and attention.

I’ve trialled Emma Hardie Midas Touch Super Serum for four weeks in January, took a break to try other products, and came back again for a further two weeks so I feel I know this serum inside out now. It’s a beautiful formulation with perfect skin fit – by which I mean that it feels immediately at one with your complexion rather than feeling like it sits over it. The brand makes no bones about the fact that it works over time – clinical trials were done at 4 weeks – but you’ll see a natural progression from about week 2.

With many serums, it’s assumed that it’s the underwear before you apply the outerwear, but I used Super Serum with nothing else at all and still maintained a perfect moisture level. A problem area for me is dryness between my eyebrows (I have  no idea why!) and it simply wasn’t there at any time while I was testing. I was also testing several peel based masks and Emma Hardie Midas Touch Super Serum was the absolute antidote to soothing my skin afterwards and is, in general, suitable for sensitive skin, peel or not.

So, the key clinical pointers I need to tell you about are that 97% found an improvement in their skin’s moisture content with the knock-on effect of smoother, plumper skin. 86% felt their skin was firmer and 73% found more brilliance and luminosity. For such a light feeling serum, it’s got a lot of ingredients. Ultra-filling Spheres (cross-linked spheres that absorb water and increase in volume to give a smoothed and hydrated effect) even out the skin’s surface along with MossCelTec ™ and yes, I’ll explain! It’s a patented ingredient that significantly increases hydration, barrier function and uniformity, no matter the external factors such as weather or heating. Bakuchiol is firming and toning – some say it’s a natural alternative to retinol. Vitamin C is a key player – undoubtedly helpful in reducing pigmentation and promoting brightening, while Niacinamide works to boost hydration and increase elasticity. Add in Vitamin E, Grapeseed Oil, Shea Butter and Squalene and you can see it’s a recipe for skin success.

Overall, I loved the gentleness of it and the texture which, like Emma Hardie’s famous Cleansing Balm, just fits like a glove on your skin. Although I like a fast fix as much as anyone else, it’s very well worth persevering to the 4 week mark because you will see positive differences even down to small things like your foundation or base applying better and more evenly and everything feeling so much softer and silkier.

Emma Hardie Midas Touch Super Serum, £58, is a perfect ‘mid-lifer’ product giving skin a vibrancy and bounce that shows – especially just as spring is springing, the light is changing and everything feels more optimistic than before. It’s the best kind of treat to skin and self to greet the new season. I’ve got a great offer for BBB readers if you decide to buy the serum – a 15ml Emma Hardie Moringa Cleansing Balm and a 15ml Midas Touch Revitalizing Cream (perfect for when we start travelling again) until 30th March 2021 or while stocks last. Just use this link HERE that takes you straight to the bundle. There’s 30% off site-wide for key workers.

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