I gave BBB readers a sneaky peek of this new range for older skin last year, but wanted to delve a bit deeper now that it’s actually in stores.

Roots of Strength (TM)

The first thing that caught my attention about the Roots of Strength (™) collection (apart from that glorious red) is that it’s positive. The Body Shop is using three plant root extracts as key ingredients and I love the idea that amongst other things it helps your skin feel firmer. I want strong skin and I love the idea of these products bottled up in vibrant red empowering our beauty routines with phytonutrients. It’s not all about that strength, though. Who doesn’t want brighter and smoother looking or more hydrated skin? That’s an every-age goal. The mention of firming and ‘shaping’ on the label, by the way, refers to the skin feeling more plumped, firmer and denser as if re-shaped.

Roots of Strength (TM)

The philosophy and composition of the Roots of Strength (™) range is inspired by traditional Chinese medicine. Follow the general beauty product rule of always applying the thinnest consistency product first, starting with the Essence Lotion. The Essence Lotion is has a consistency slightly thicker than water and glides smoothly onto skin (pat it on with cotton wool or tap it on with fingertips). It’s an extra step in skin care widely used in Asia and becoming more and more popular here in the UK. It’s helps to soften the skin and assists with everything you put on afterwards to work more effectively. Next up, the Firming & Shaping Serum. Ah, the silkiness of this – it’s such a pleasure to apply. Your skin will feel instantly softer and it absorbs quickly meaning that your skin is almost
instantly ready for the Firming & Shaping Cream. This feels blissfully moisturising without being too heavy – I should mention that everything has a spicy scent note that’s gingery but just the right amount.

Roots of Strength (TM)

I’m a big advocate of enjoying self-care and keeping skin healthy and strong on both face and body. It’s something you can do for yourself hurriedly or mindfully, that doesn’t require much effort but down the line pays back over and over. You can also help strengthen skin by eating omega-3 rich foods (salmon, nuts and avocados for example) and fruit and veg containing plenty of vitamin C, E and A. The Body Shop’s Roots of Strength (™) Range is a powerful voice in the new way of addressing the complexion needs of older women. Yes, it has an ‘anti-ageing’ element but it’s full of fire and boldness in composition, look and attitude. Just like us! You can find the range HERE.

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