I will say straight away that this amazing offer for the Bee Good NectaPerfecta Mask is for a very limited time – 48 hours in fact! I’m sure that some BBB readers will remember that this honey based brand featured in one of my beauty boxes a few years ago, quickly becoming a firm favourite.

Bee Good NectaPerfecta Face Mask

Let me tell you a bit about Bee Good, and in particular, about the bees that produce the key ingredients. Honey, as we know, is a natural humectant, meaning that it draws moisture to the skin. It’s also anti-bacterial and can be helpful in balancing the complexion. Propolis has healing and anti-microbal, anti-bacterial and anti-oxidant properties as well as being rich in vitamins B, C & E, making it something of a power player in the NectaPerfecta Mask.

Bee Good NectaPerfecta Face Mask

At this time of year, bees are starting to look for other sources of nectar as the glut of lavender and other flowers subsides. They head off to ivy of all things which is rich in glucose sugars making it bee heaven, but beekeepers, apparently, aren’t quite as keen as it can turn hard in the comb. Who knew?

Bee Good was founded ten years ago in Hampshire by Simon and Caroline – Simon’s love of beekeeping resulted in Caroline experimenting with excess honey and skin care ingredients, and, after tapping expert formulators, the rest is completely apparent, a decade on. The altruistic arm of Bee Good is to source locally and sponsor apprentice bee keepers. It’s crucial to know that Bee Good doesn’t use royal jelly or bee venom which can lead to the death of bees – this brand is all about keeping bees happy, healthy and abundant.

Bee Good NectaPerfecta Face Mask

So, back to NectaPerfecta. What a mask! It’s got a balm like texture so feels nourishing as soon as it goes on your skin (best to use it after cleansing) but the real results show after a few minutes when the AHA fruit acids have done their work in clearing away dead skin cells. It’s gentle – definitely no sting (see what I did there 😉) – but as soon as you’ve gently removed with a warm, damp cloth, you’ll see an instant brightening effect. My skin felt like velvet afterwards and looked so soft, so my top tip is not to do this at night where your good efforts aren’t seen – use it as a morning mask and spend the entire day with glowing, supple skin. Put any excess on your hands.

There’s a 3 day window (supplies permitting) to buy NectaPerfecta with 40% off for BBB readers from the £39.95 purchase price (making it £23.97) as a way to get to know this beautiful British brand better. Use Code BBBxBGood or head HERE.

*Offer runs Monday 30th Sept 2019 until midnight on Wednesday 2nd October 2019 or until supplies run out.



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