[unpaid/ad/sample] I hope the packaging department at YSL are giving themselves a pat on the back – the Pure Shot Serums are just beautiful – even more so that they’re re-fillable (and in the case of the Lotion, recyclable).

YSL Beaute Pure Shots

Other than very top-line texture testing, this is more of an info-only post – I’ve received a lot of skin care recently and can’t give all of it the individualised attention that I’d like to but I do want to get to them thoroughly at a later time. I’m currently using the VB serum and Augustinus Bader cream together and want to give them a bit longer although my initial impression is that they do very well together. So, Pure Shots – a range developed for fast living and urban lifestyles and designed to reload the skin with depleted elements.

YSL Beaute Pure Shots

The serums have specific uses: Night Reboot is as it sounds – formulated to work overnight (as well it should with a dose of glycolic acid to smooth your sleep and sugars from ‘Moonlight Cactus’) and you should see a result from the first use with this one. In fact, even if I strip out all the accompanying information on this (from the YSL Scientific Advisory Board – cough) such as the fact that the Moonlight Cactus blooms for only 6 hours a year in which time the sugar is captured (I feel so sorry for that flower – all that work and then boom… someone takes it just as you put it on show!) for your skin, OR that melatonin secretion at night is inhibited if you are burning the candle at both ends, the bottom line is that you would end up with smooth and perked up skin if you use this. The glycolic says so. Likewise the Y Shape Serum, self-assessed by 50 women between 46 and 65 years old – full of peptides! I can’t see how you wouldn’t see results. The key ingredient in Y Serum is Barbary Fig which stimulates hyaluronic acid synthesis in the skin and although it claims contouring (hence the name) as a benefit, I think you’re far more likely to see plumpness, glow and temporary firmness than anything else thanks to the peptide content.

As I’ve been writing, I’ve now put these on the list to try properly – both are claiming immediate results so that at least I can do. They don’t launch til the end of the month so back into the loop they go. Pricewise, they’re quite hefty at £59 (refill £47) for Y Serum and Night Reboot £59 (refill £47). The Essence-In-Lotion, £31.50, by the way, had me at hello because I love an essence – this one, which I have tried nominally, is especially nice with a serum-like feel and instant skin softening.

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