[unpaid/sample/affiliate/ad] Ultra-thin SPFs make me nervous ever since I saw the Which report that found some stated SPF levels weren’t being achieved but they’re so much more practical and face-friendly than anything else. I don’t feel I have reason to be concerned over Airthin but please do remember you should use it liberally and it’s not, in my book, a beach product but more of a day to day incidental sun product. The brand recommends 7 drops per application.

YSL Airthin UV Defender SPF50

The main thing about Airthin, unsurprisingly, is that it is very fluid and in fact, it claims to be 8 times thinner than a classic base (which could mean anything… classic base isn’t really very clear). Airthin is very clear that it’s a skin care product AND SPF. Its testing was done in Asia on Asian tones which actually gives me more faith in the product because there is no continent more selective about their SPF! But, it’s still strange to see a claim that ‘skin is light’ after two weeks. I think perhaps the thing I like about this formula the best is that I didn’t feel that my skin was smothered – I tested this on a hot and slightly muggy London day and my skin didn’t feel clammy or loaded as it can often do with SPFs. The biggest claim is that it allows skin to breathe and I found that to be the case – think about the really humid days that we have and then treble it for our counterparts in Asia.

YSL Airthin UV Defender SPF50

You can see from this picture how loose the fluid is – it’s not quite a milk but only a fraction away. It does have a scent – floral, beachy – as well as key ingredients citrus peel (antipollution) and niacinamide. Airthin also worked well with my other products, including tinted moisturiser. It’s for you if your skin plays up in the city during summer and you need almost weightless products but it’s not for you if your complexion hates fragrance. I’ve found it for £32.50 (instead of RRP £38) HERE.


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