Verso Lip Serum

I think you would very much hope, at £55, that a lip serum with Retinol would somehow dramatically change your lips. It promises plumper, softened and less creased lips using Retinol 8, a stabilized version of Vitamin A said to be eight times more effective than standard retinol.

Verso, as a range, is heavily focussed on anti-ageing and it’s a bank breaker as well, with serums at £150. I don’t mind a spend on things that help you achieve goals in terms of brightness and luminosity for healthy looking skin but didn’t get along terribly well with the skin care I tried. Maybe it’s just not right for my skin. But I love the lip serum – before I started writing this I didn’t know the price but knowing it now doesn’t put me off maybe as much as it should. Because it’s a great, effective serum and I love using it. I’ve had creased lips for ever – it’s just my natural state of affairs – so I don’t really see this as anti ageing particularly, because you can have creased lips at any age, but more as an effective smoother and hydrator. I would re-buy but I would consider it a treat rather than an essential and mainly I’d re-buy because it really helps lipsticks to look better on a smoother canvas. If you like matte lipsticks you’ll notice the difference even more.

I’ve been using it on and off since Christmas (morning and night) and definitely see a smoother result which was exactly what I wanted. Job done, but £££! You can find it HERE.


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