[productsample/affiliate] I very rarely feature coffee ground beauty products because apart from being a good exfoliator I don’t think it particularly brings anything much to the skin care party. I get it on a sensory level because coffee grounds smell delicious but I really don’t want to have to do a full shower clean after every application in the case of a body scrub. So, while yes, I’m up for that espresso zing at any time, it’s what goes around the grounds that counts.

UpCircle Skincare

UpCircle formulas are more careful and thoughtful than most – and when all the pink stuff disappears from Instagram, it’s this exactly kind of brand we’ll be happily left with because they have a story, they have a personality and they have a purpose over and above like-grabbing. The generation of conscious purchasers who need to know that what they buy creates a positive impact on not only their skin but on the environment and on their wider global community – this is what they’ll buy. And here’s why: it’s vegan, sustainable, palm-oil free, organic, repurposed, fully recyclable, ocean friendly and hand-made. If you had a future consumer tick list, it would look like that.

UpCircle Skincare

The two products I’ve been testing are the Coffee & Floral Oils Face Scrub and the Coffee Oil Face Serum. If you like a thorough skin scrub, you’ll like this, although if you are sensitive to essential oils, you won’t because it contains geranium, patchouli, chamomile and rosehip. Despite it being made to a sensitive skin formula, I know that some of you have to exclude essential oils altogether. If you’re okay with essential oils (I am) then this generous scrub will leave your complexion soft and smooth with a protective fine film of shea butter at the finish. I really liked the result with this – it’s over and above many other physical exfoliators I’ve used. The only thing that would better it for my personal taste is the inclusion of an enzymatic exfoliant, too. Then it would be literally perfect. And I think it’s extremely well priced at £12.99.

UpCircle Skincare

Next up, the Face Serum. I would categorise this as a face oil rather than serum. And, again, £14.99 seems extremely reasonable for a nourishing oil. Top of the list are sunflower, coffee seed, sea buckthorn, jojoba and rosehip oils, all nutrient rich and high in Vitamin C. Again, there are essential oils – geranium, rose and lemon – which makes it smell quite spa-ish. You could double it as a hair oil if you use very sparingly.

I know that UpCircle is in its infancy, collecting used coffee grounds from all over London to give them a new life in the form of scrubs and skin care, but I’d like to see an essential oil free version of something at least. Otherwise, I’d highly recommend both the face scrub and the oil although I am still not a convert to coffee body scrubs! I’ve linked to Beauty Bay HERE (non aff HERE) because I found the UpCircle site glitchy (that could be at my end though – if you prefer to go direct because the brands sees more profit that way, they’re HERE).



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