[productsamples/affiliate] I’ve been dying to try some of the Inkey List products – it’s a natural (but much smaller) competitor to Deciem in that it’s aimed at the skin care educated. You probably need to have something of an idea of what does what and be prepared to mix and match your own products to get the best from this range.

The Inkey List

I picked out a few products that I feel on sure ground with and that are easy and happy accompaniments for any existing skin routine. First, the Hyaluronic Acid. I tend to keep a little bottle of hyaluronic by my computer so that I can just slap it on when I remember, particularly in summer months. You can’t ever use too much of this and skin loves it as an extra hydration boost, so there’s nothing not to like here, especially the price which is £5.99 (I’ve linked to FeelUnique who have 20% off listed prices bringing the Hyaluronic down to £4.79). The bottles, by the way, are really small – it’s 30ml of product, but even at that size this represents very good value.

I also picked out the Lactic Acid because my skin always responds well to enzymatic exfoliation. It’s mild so a good starter point for introducing an acid into your regime and should be used after you’ve removed your make up and before your moisturiser to keep cells turning over well and give a brighter skin appearance. It’s this sort of product that is worthwhile incorporating as an added extra. I sometimes think that this build-your-own regime is fraught with complexity that doesn’t need to be there and you can easily end up spending an absolute fortune on multiple products when you can easily buy one cream that does it all. Again, the value is amazing – normally £7.99 but on offer for £6.39.

The Inkey List

The Oil & Water Double Cleanser needs to be given a good shake before using a cotton pad to take it around the face – after that, you need to wash it off. Personally, this is more faff than a micellar which is basically the same thing and doesn’t need removing, but if you like a wash off, this certainly delivers a great cleanse. It’s a fairly basic formulation – water, almond oil, panthenol, glycerine and seabuckthorn oil but I can’t complain one bit about the cleanse. My skin felt clean, fresh and hydrated after using so I’m not sure what else you could want. It’s normally £9.99 but is on offer for £7.99. Everything is HERE, with free postage and non affiliate HERE. All in all, I think I’m joining the army of fans that this brand already has – as a general rule, don’t think you need to have a million steps to your routine. Instead, view these as occasional added extras to treat your skin to as and when you think you need it.

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