By Terry Dual Exfoliation Scrub

There aren’t really very many fails from this brand – don’t worry, this isn’t a fail either! For as long as I’ve been writing about By Terry, people have been loving it and I’ve never known it any different. It somehow bypasses any no-spend ban you might have in place and it’s always the brand that people make exceptions for when it comes to shelling out on beauty.

It’s really not my place to second guess anyone’s beauty budget but if I’m talking about highly priced products, I always try and be conscious of the spend. A lot of beauty products get swept up in hype and you end up thinking you MUST have a thing. There’s really very little in beauty these days that doesn’t have less pricy alternatives so we are definitely in a consumer’s market if you can bear to do the research. The By Terry Dual Exfoliation Scrub is £49 for 100ml – you can pick up a perfectly decent exfoliator for a fraction of that price, but there’s a little bit of the Terry magic in this that makes me say that it’s an exceptionally lovely product.

It has the rosy fragrance (if you hate scented products, look away now) which is the signature scent across the range. It’s pretty and fresh, not cloying and sugary. The scrub is in a pink gel suspension that feels loose and oily on the skin (great for massaging) and it’s indicated as resurfacing and purifying. It turns a milky white when water hits it as you rinse away after massaging for a few moments over the complexion.

It left my skin so soft, completely silky feeling and infinitely smoother – my moisturiser went on like a dream, and then so did my foundation. It’s genuinely a difference maker in terms of softer skin that doesn’t feel traditionally ‘scrubbed’ but more post-facial, and without any dryness either. The ‘dual exfoliation’ aspect is confusing – I have all of the information in front of me and I still don’t really get it. If I am correct, the duality means the white rose native cell ingredients (and I have yet to be convinced that plant cells can do anything for human ones) are massaged into the skin while the rose bud seeds micro-exfoliate. I initially thought it was an enzyme and physical scrub in one.

Even stripping away all of the marketing and surrounding plant stem cell wording, I still feel seriously impressed with this based on an instant result. It’s advised to use every day, which I had thought would be too much, but it’s addictive for sure, and would I buy it? Yes, without a doubt. It’s HERE. 

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