[productsample] SooAE is another discovery from the Indi Beauty Expo that I attended a couple of weeks ago. I’ve never seen or heard of it before (although I discover that it’s available in Superdrug) but it’s a comprehensive, affordable skin care brand that I think will gather a fan base really quickly in the UK. Based around Korean skin care principles (although hailing from New York), it’s a ‘natural’ brand with big ambitions to become known for its green credentials.

SooAE Skin Care

The word ‘natural’ is a movable feast in beauty terms, but the brand is free from synthetic parabens, colourants, phthalates and sulfates with a forthcoming transition to biodegradable packaging (already in place with the Fresh Tangerine collection) and ethically sourced ingredients. It’s not, from my understanding, fully vegan yet although Fresh Tangerine is. When I look at the product offerings, it’s really comprehensive, going from serums, mists, masks and hair care although Superdrug seems to just have a small selection of sheet masks.

SooAE Skin Care

One of SooAE’s sheet masks is a holographic red wine mask – it’s fun but I’ve a feeling that sheet masks will soon go the way of Starbucks plastic straws because no matter what your credentials, they’re a drain on the environment. I really liked the Fresh Tangerine Cleansing Foam which does a nice cleanse in a silky foamy kind of way with just a tiny hint of citrus in the fragrance. In the same citrus vein I like the sound of the Squeezed Lemon collection. The Hemp All In One Moisturiser is surprisingly light and effective – and thankfully doesn’t smell hempy. It doesn’t make any grandiose claims – it will literally just moisturise. Most of SooAE comes in at under a tenner and it’s one to look out for when it gets a better distribution in the UK. At the moment, it’s hard to get hold of so I think it’s a watch and wait on this one and hoping that the Indi Expo found them stockists prepared to take the full range rather than the novelty stuff.


Soo’AE incorporates naturally derived ingredients, free from synthetic parabens, colorants, phthalates and sulfates to create thoughtful and beneficial products aimed at improving the daily lives of all we touch. Our responsibility to our customers and the global community drives our values to the highest ethical standards and business practices. For this reason, we are proudly cruelty-free and are transitioning our entire product line to be environmentally sustainable and responsible by researching ethically sourced ingredients and biodegradable packaging. We’ve already begun this transition with our Fresh Tangerine Collection, a vegan-certified line, in order to propel Soo’AE down the path towards higher quality, more inclusive and affordable products. With our new GREEN and CLEAN initiative, we hope to leave behind a better world for future generations.

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