[unpaid/sample/affiliate/ad] It’s really not often that I feel the need to crack open a sheet mask – I really do not like them very much, mainly for the cold clamminess that engulfs my face … they make me shudder. However, there are sheet masks and sheet masks and this is one of almost none that I’d endure the chilly wetness for.  I don’t like water on my face either so perhaps my feelings are tied into that, but on this occasion, the results are just so worth any feelings I might have in general about this method of skin care.

Shiseido Vital Perfection Radiance Sheet Mask

The box contains 12 masks – six for the face and six for the chin and neck. I have to say that I drew the line at the chin and neck – I just couldn’t .. but I will now that I’ve used the face version. The ‘lifting’ element isn’t a draw for me but the brightening element most certainly is. Key ingredients are squalane and trehalose and feature near the top of the INCI but there are multiple extracts such as lavender, camellia, nasturtium and so on. I don’t know quite which ingredient or combination of are working the magic but something is. Shiseido uses its own brightening formula 4MSK but it’s hard to work out quite what that is. I have a bit of a love-hate with Shiseido because I think they focus too much on the negatives of mid-life skin but on the other hand, they’re immensely good products.

Shiseido Vital Perfection Radiance Sheet Mask

So, from about 15 minutes or so of wearing the face sheet mask (which does warm up eventually) I took it off and massaged the remaining serum into my skin. My complexion looked clearer and more vibrant immediately but I was surprised to see that the effect continued on into the next day. My skin is still so soft – from 15 minutes! I feel impressed. I can’t in honestly say I saw any lifting but it’s a big ask of a serum. According to Shiseido stats, 80% of participants in their trial did see it. 89% experienced smoothness and 93% saw brightness and I’d concur with both of those findings. Maybe if I hadn’t gone to bed on the results there would have been something more tangible – I don’t know. However, I would recommend this in heart-beat for the odd ‘special occasion’. I loved the clarity, smoothness and softness that it gave. It’s so expensive, of course, but it works, simple as. I’m more tempted by the Radiance Serum than another pack of masks – I hope it’s the same result without the clamminess. Shiseido is a Japanese brand where sheet masks are in-built into the beauty culture in a way that they’re not here but if you like them, and you don’t mind a spend, on that basis, I’d recommend. They’re £90 for six (I said so!) HERE, non-affiliate HERE. The bottle of serum that the masks are soaked in is £109 HERE.

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