[unpaid/sample/affiliate/ad] If you like your day creams light and silky but still plentiful with hydration, turn your attention to Sephora’s HYA All Day Hydrator – nicely priced at £14.99. Its key points are that ingredients are 96% natural origin and it uses an unscented formula which will be music to the ears of anyone who is sensitive to fragrance.

Sephora HYA All Day Hydrator

I’ve used this over the weekend and have to say that it fulfills the brief of all day hydration despite the lightness of the formula. It’s not a complicated formula – Vitamin E and Hyaluronic Acid are ingredients of note but glycerine is doing the bulk of the work – but it does the job over and above and I can’t fault it.

Sephora HYA All Day Hydrator

As you can see, there is also an eye cream (£19.99) which I haven’t tested other than surface – it’s a bit richer in texture, nicely cool to the skin and like the face cream, holds hydration well. I had the feeling using the day cream that if it was a blind test, I’m not sure I could tell it apart from moisturisers twice the price. What I like best about this is the instant hit of hydration sinks in quickly leaving just a satin-y surface feel and no residue – if you are prone to oil, I think you could use this, too. You can find Sephora HYA All Day Hydrator HERE.

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