[unpaid/sample] SPF is the hottest of topics just now – every summer SPF for the face features ramp up to next level.  I’ll reiterate what I said last summer I think, when we were at peak SPF information dumping, that I don’t believe in lecturing and I don’t see the benefit of telling you all the pitfalls of not using it because that’s what the brands are doing day in and day out. We are already starting to realise that SPF foundation often can’t give you level specified unless you are using it at the same rate you would actual SPF – half a teaspoon – which is an awful lot of foundation. So, I feel that somewhere along the lines it’s suiting beauty brands very nicely that we are all concerned but I am not sure we have the full story yet – wearing sunscreen indoors is a very good example. Some people insist it’s absolutely necessary whereas others do not. It would suit someone selling SPF for us to think it’s absolutely necessary – even in November – but personally, I don’t know anyone actually doing that and I don’t see studies on the result of doing that.

Saltee City Serum SPF50

We are on safe ground with this product – it’s an SPF50 for the face (hands and neck too) in a serum like formula that works in beautifully. It’s not quite the gel-serum consistency of Malin + Goetz – a little bit thicker and a slightly more effort but we really are splitting hairs. What I like about Saltee is that it has plenty of complexion loving ingredients so you don’t really need to pile moisturiser on top – black ginger extract to counteract photo-damage, Nordic pine bark works on pigmentation, and there’s panthenol for hydration (also glycerin). It also contains a ferment that again, is indicated for photo-damage. So, all in all, it’s about as protective from photo-ageing as any SPF could possibly be.

Saltee City Serum SPF50

Personally, City Serum feels like the right choice for no-make up days (thank you Tan Luxe!) where you feel your sun exposure might be more than usual (i.e. not just sitting at your desk) rather than for layering with foundation but of course, you can do that if you prefer. Just make sure you leave it a minute or two before adding base so it can settle and be generous with the amount It contains fragrance. It’s £38 HERE.


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