[unpaid/sample/affiliate/ad] It’s been sooooo long since I’ve used any Revlon but it’s back on my radar after testing these primers. I am not much of a primer fan in general but these are well priced and pleasant to use.

Revlon Prime Plus

Prime Plus Perfecting & Smoothing is definitely the one for me from the three (I’m like a homing pigeon when it comes to hyaluronic) although I am always up for a bit of brightening. These formulas are really how primers – if you’re going to use one – should be. They’re loaded with skin care ingredients so provide an active base that’s doing something over and above holding your foundation in place. I’ve been wearing so little foundation (wearing some today, actually because I have so many Zooms I feel I must make the effort!) recently, but found Perfecting & Smoothing nicely cushioning and not heavy.

Revlon Prime Plus

Prime Plus Brightening & Skin-Tone Evening is the only one that has a colour – and a bit of a citrussy smell too as there’s lemon extract in the mix. It did brighten my skin and give it a little glow to the point I didn’t want to then cover it in foundation. So, I didn’t. The only formula I haven’t tested is Mattifying & Pore Reducing because I don’t have oily skin (contains salicylic acid, AHAs and artichoke extract). What’s consistent throughout is the claim that over a longer period of time the ingredients will do their work and act as performance skin care. In the first instance, you will get hydration, cushioning and hopefully the ‘grip’ needed to hold your base. If you’re not wearing base at all, at £10.99 each, these are decent skin care products for the money (although bear in mind they’re 30ml) and a very impressive re-introduction to Revlon. You can find them all HERE, non affiliate HERE.

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