REN Flash Hydro-Boost
REN Flash Hydro-Boost

There hasn’t been much newness from REN for a while (the brand has been bought by Unilever so I guess they’re just settling in), so I’m happy to see something emerging at last. It’s fairly typical REN ‘flash’ type thing – for a brand that prides itself on clean skin care, they’ve taken the less museli knitting path and tend to go with big names and claims for products. So, REN Flash Hydro-Boost is in keeping with what they know works for them.

The product itself uses Hyaluronic Acid, Peptides, Xyitol and Ceramides to create a cream that needs water to activate properly. So, you put the cream on your skin and then a couple of drops of water and massage. Even the ‘science’ bit on my release doesn’t adequately explain why you need to do this, but it transforms the cream into a lighter, more malleable one that glides over your skin. In terms of plumping, of course massaging the cream around is going to greatly help, so the ingredients can’t take all the credit for the claims, but to be honest, it really worked on me and made my skin look certainly smoother and more even, if not significantly plumper.

I like REN Flash Hydro-Boost for its fairly instant effect – it’s quite satisfying to look in the mirror and not have to wonder, but to just think, yes! The tricky bit is to know how long it lasts.. that’s the bit, a couple of hours later, that I am looking in the mirror and wondering about. An immediate, small transformation is one thing, but after a few hours, I think you forget how it. The hydration effect did last well, as did the smooth feeling.

REN Flash Hydro-Boost launches in September for £34 which I think is very expensive for 40ml, but their last ‘flashy’ product that I can remember was the Instant Firming Beauty Shot and that was £36. REN Flash Hydro-Boost is on pre-order HERE if you feel tempted.

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