Peter Thomas Roth Pumpkin Enzyme Mask

I’m so loving using the Peter Thomas Roth Water Drench Hyaluronic Cloud Cream and Serum I’ve had a revisit to Pumpkin Enzyme Mask over the weekend. It’s really every bit as good as I remembered. Because it’s not new, I think it’s got sidelined somewhat, but I’m doing a little flag wave for it. I get conflicted about the entire PTR range because while I think they’re some of the most efficacious products around, I hate the fact that the brand stoops to the whole ‘younger looking’ thing so easily. Fresh and bright skin is great at any age – no need to bang on!

Peter Thomas Roth Pumpkin Enzyme Mask

So, why is it great? It’s a double up of both physical and enzymatic exfoliators and in many ways reminds me of Fresh Sugar Face Polish in texture, but it has more power. Pumpkin enzymes ‘dissolve’ dead skin, AHAs do the same thing and aluminium oxide is a mineral blend. There is enough power in the formula to give a skin tingle but not a ‘hurt’ (unlike the recent Glam Glow I tried – ouch – and had to rinse off after twenty seconds of burning) – you leave it on a few minutes to let all the dead skin dissolving take place (it smells sweetly pumpkin-y) before massaging it around your face and rinsing off. The massage-around does some physical removal of cells but feels more like a soft paste than a harsh, gritty substance.

I think it’s going to depend upon how sensitive your skin is as to how tolerant you can be of this. I don’t recommend anything but the most mild type of exfoliant for sensitive skins – it’s not worth it to have that horrible burn (thanks Glam Glow) when you can do your own exfoliation by gently skin brushing with a dry flannel and then using moisturisers or oils you know you can tolerate. As long as you don’t have sensitivities, I think you’d be pretty impressed with PTA Pumpkin as an instant make a difference treatment that leaves skin soft and glowy I’m linking through to Cult Beauty HERE (the mask is an ouchy £55.50 BUT is a generous 150ml and you genuinely don’t need a lot) because they have published a mixed bunch of reviews that might be useful before you decide.

Another thing to point out is that someone mentioned that PTA has had a huge price hike recently (the mask is $58 in the US) and sure enough.. I checked Ruth’s post at A Model Recommends from 2015 and it was £39.50 then – which is only two years ago. I don’t know the reason for this at all but am going to try and find out – if indeed, it is any reason other than that they just can if they want to.

Meet Your Mask set

Later: So I posted this much earlier today and after a Twitter conversation, someone very helpfully pointed out the Meet Your Mask set with six tiny size PTR masks (14ml) – including the Pumpkin. What a great set! The other masks are Cucumber Gel Mask, 24K Gold Mask, Irish Moor Mud Mask, Rose Stem Cell Mask and Blue Marine Algae Mask. The thing I can say is that PTA does a great mask in general and this is such a great set to experiment with before buying into the full size option…the set is £21 HERE.  See how fast social media goes and how real time responsive it can be! Thank you Beth @glossgalore!

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