[productsample/affiiate] Let’s face it, the look of Paula’s Choice products has always been a little bit … well, dull. Worthy, perhaps. I have a lot of time for Paula’s no-bs approach and for being able to explain ingredients in a matter of fact, digestible way that lets consumers make their beauty choices armed with knowledge.

Paula’s Choice Boosters

The new line-up of Beauty Boosters is a welcome arrival and not least because they’re so cheery looking. I like products that assume their customers have a level of ability and knowledge around their own skin. Enough brands treat us as though we’re fools that know nothing and throw out all sorts of messaging, but the Boosters are clear and concise, allowing for some additional control over issues we might have.

Paula’s Choice Boosters

I’ll be upfront and tell you that I have only surface tried two of the products (I’m testing a retinol at the moment for a sponsored post so I’m being super careful about what I’m using). I’ll jot through what each of the Paula’s Choice Boosters do though, first. So, 10 Azelaid Acid Booster is for fading dark marks and reducing spots, 10% Niacinamide Booster is for reducing pores and toning, Peptide Booster is for firmness and smoother texture, Moisture Renewal Oil Booster is to soften dry, dull or flaky skin. C15 Super Booster is for brightening tone, Hyaluronic Acid Booster is for hydrating and plumping, Retinol Booster 1% is for smoothing lines, and C25 Super Booster is for more stubborn dark marks not responding to other treatments.

Paula’s Choice Boosters

The two that I’ve managed to short term test are the Hyaluronic (no surprise!) and the Moisture Renewal Oil. Just because they come in little bottles doesn’t make them particularly purse-friendly, by the way – these are considered purchases so it’s worthwhile browsing through them to identify the right one for you. Hyaluronic is £33 and really, I can’t fault it. It feels richer than most that I’ve tried but is in the familiar gel texture, and I felt it kept my skin more hydrated that it might usually be. I often have a bottle of hyaluronic by my laptop and pop it on as and when I feel like it while working. I don’t usually incorporate into my am/pm routines because I like it ad hoc but you could easily add it am/pm to bare skin before applying anything else. Moisture Renewal Oil, is £36, and I’d recommend for very dry skin types. It’s a very light-feeling oil but goodness, you know when it’s on your skin because of the instant comfort and more or less immediate hydrated feeling. This is a handy product to have around at the moment if the wind dries out your skin (it does mine). You don’t have to commit to using either of these daily – just as and when you feel your complexion needs them so to my eyes they’re more SOS than daily.

Boosters are so much of a trend thanks to Deciem that everyone is having a go at them. There is absolutely no way to tell what the ingredient quality is to each individual product compared to more budget friendly options so these additions like this are down to brand trust and perception. My gut feel is that they’re somewhat over-priced but that they’ll work like a charm. They’re HERE.

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