Origins Flower Fusion Masks

I’m absolutely not a sheet mask fan but a rare exception lies here with the Origins Flower Fusion Masks – these are infused with oils to give them the most beautiful fragrances and a double hit of feel good.

I’ve tested the Orange Flower Mask and yes, it smells orangey-floral which is an immediate mood booster. The sheets are made from bamboo which makes them recyclable (I’ve never even thought to recycle sheet masks before). This particular mask is brightening, and while my skin definitely looked and felt perkier I’m still out on whether it looked brighter. But, perkier, to be honest, will do me fine. Best of all was softer feeling skin – it worked very well for that.

Origins Flower Fusion Masks

Don’t forget that using a mask in the morning means that you get to see and feel the results all day rather than sleeping on them all night. The Origins Flower Fusion Masks require 10 minutes to do their work, which is about the same time it takes me to drink a cup of tea in bed.. so tea and mask it is and hope that the postman doesn’t knock.

There are six masks in total: Jasmine, Lavender, Orange Flower, Raspberry, Rose and Violet. They’re £5 each but you can try all six for the price of five HERE. I love the packaging – immediately giftable and happy making: if you have a girl’s weekend or a get ready together coming up, snap em up!

Origins VitaZing

Oh, and as a PS: Origins VitaZing has been out of stock for nearly ever (I daren’t ask…) but I noticed that it’s finally back! Good timing as spring is right around the corner and this is an excellent skin wakening tinted moisturiser. It’s £29 HERE. 

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