Milu Hydrogel Eye Patches

This is so not a ‘me’ product. I tested multiples of this type of mask when sheet masks first became a thing so the predominant experience was of gloopy, sloppy, jelly-like patches that fell of your face if you even breathed a bit too hard. I don’t know what made me test these yesterday on impulse, but I’m very glad I did.

Milu Hydrogel Eye Patches

So, there is a bit of gloop initially, but once they’re on your face, positioned under your eyes, they don’t move an inch until you take them off yourself. I found them at the Indie Beauty Expo so it won’t be a surprise that they’re not readily available here (I think it’s a Korean inspired Netherlands brand but like so many pop-up millenial pitched brands, there’s no clarity to the brand story – just lots of pictures of pink – to which I would say, if you want to know us, let us know you). After 20 minutes, I have to admit that my under-eye area did look a bit brighter and more perky – probably not so much that anyone else would notice, but I noticed. The gel is full of hyaluronic acid, chamomile, kiwi extract and lotus which simultaneously hydrate and brighten. Actually, I think the name is witty – I Can’t Believe Your Eyes, but some fall a bit flat or got lost in translation, such as Copy Paste Your Young Age.

You can order direct from the Milu site and three eye masks cost £9 (not sure about postage). It’s HERE.

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