L’Occitane Immortelle Divine Cleansing Cream-In-Foam

Fans of the L’Occitane Immortelle range have a whole slew of new and revamped products to look forward to from September. In general, I find L’Occitane products very reliable – it always feels as though they work at the top of their ability and the brand has always had a focus on textures and pleasure of use. If you like rich and luxurious feeling creams, then this is your range. They’re very focussed on ‘youth’ being a goal in a way that possibly here in the UK we are not and have some catching up to do in that regard but rarely can I fault the products I test.

L’Occitane Immortelle Divine Cleansing Cream-In-Foam

I have started with the easy option and one of my favourite products to test – the cleanser. This is really very lovely to use if you like a wash off cleanser (there is also a cleansing balm coming) with an emollient and rich, lathery texture that encourages massage, rinsing away without leaving skin feeling stripped. Although the brand claims that it makes a light foam, I’d say it’s more of a lather (on wet skin) and it reminds me a lot of Korean textures for similar products with an emphasis on suppleness and richness.

At £28, it should be good! One of the things I notice is that L’Occitane gets more and more expensive – I don’t mind too much when the products perform, and generally they do, but with a Divine Cream Mask at £85 it better be super-good! I think the point is that many people look at L’Occitane as an approachable and affordable brand that’s a treat but always worthwhile but there does come a price line where your expectation goes right up and products need to match that expectation. Right now, I would think more than twice over spending £85 on a mask. The outer packaging on this range states that it is an ‘advanced anti-ageing’ range. I hope they’ve read Allure recently.

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