Lixirskin Soft Clay Rubber 

The newest offering from Lixirskin is the Soft Clay Rubber that goes back to the founder, Colette’s, French skin care roots. I will tell you the first time I used this, I used it incorrectly and paid the price – with a very red face. I just didn’t read the instructions – lesson there! You leave it on for ONE minute (not 20 as I did) or as a mask for FIVE minutes. Personally, I think it works more dramatically and effectively if you do the one minute – massage it over your face, then pat for a bit, and then use a swift rubbing motion to remove the product (like a gommage). You’ll need to do it over the sink because those bits get everywhere.

It’s formulated with white clay – so best suited to those with congested or oily skin – and keratolytic enzymes that break down pore blocking dead cells. If you have blackheads, you’re encouraged to give them a gentle squeeze once you’ve rubbed off, with the theory being that the clay will have drawn them to the surface. It’s pretty impressive I have to say –  and you don’t need much. It’s a tiny pot with big power but don’t leave it on too long – it’s so active that I’d suggest if you have very sensitive skin you leave it alone. You can find Soft Clay Rubber for £28 HERE.

I imagine you can also easily use this on any areas with blackheads such as your back – but you’ll need someone else to do the rubbing!


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