Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask

Laneige was one of the first Korean brands I discovered and partly responsibly for my obsession with beauty products from Asia – I remember being very excited when we were in Hong Kong several years ago to find it and I immediately bought the Water Sleeping Mask. I still have the pot somewhere. I spent most of that holiday in Sasa, as I remember – we went on the tram to the top of Victoria Peak, a Hong Kong landmark, and actually found a Sasa at the top. There was also a Starbucks that provided one of my all time funniest moments to witness – sitting outside it was very windy and the froth from someone’s latte got blown off into someone else’s hair. You know when laughter paralyses you? That. Anyway…moving on..

Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask

One of my friends brought me this back from a trip to Bankok and its gorgeous! I don’t think its an accident that I dreamed of strawberry milkshake lastnight – the scent is very berry-ish. Ingredients include raspberry, strawberry, cranberry and blueberry, along with a dose of gojiberry whose vitamin C content deals with dead skin cells. Believe me, despite that line up, it’s not a natural-based product, but it certainly seems to do the job. You don’t need to take the sleeping aspect too much to heart – I’m sitting at my desk for the next few hours and that is as good at time as any to use it. In feel, it’s very, very rich as well as being ultra-smooth. It feels buttery and shiny on the lips and if there’s any left in the morning (or whenever) you can just gently wipe it away with a dry flannel. I felt that it did make my lips smoother than usual and more hydrated – nice to wake up and not think about having to apply balm straight away.

I’ve found it on YesStyle for £11.45 HERE and I’d really recommend it – especially when January is so flipping boring (it won’t arrive til then).


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ith ingredients such as raspberrystrawberry,cranberryblueberry, and gojiberry rich in vitamin C melts dead skin cells from the lips and makes the lips feel smooth and elastic. Berry extracts rich in vitamin C andanti-oxidants act on dry, rough lips, making them smooth and supple.

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