La Roche-Posay Redermic R Corrective UV SPF30.
La Roche-Posay Redermic R Corrective UV SPF30

Remembering what a splash Redermic R made when it first launched in 2010, I think that the forthcoming La Roche-Posay Redermic R Corrective UV SPF30 will be equally splashy. I barely read a single poor review on the original. So what’s different about this new version? Well, I’m going to give an explanation a go, but I find it quite complicated to be honest. The original Redermic R was the first retinol for sensitive skin – retinol is known to be quite harsh on the skin, and if you’re sensitive, the chances of your complexion being able to tolerate the ingredient are low. However, these days, retinol can be ‘wrapped’ in other ingredients that will counteract the sensitivity.

La Roche-Posay Redermic R Corrective UV SPF30
La Roche-Posay Redermic R Corrective UV SPF30

Retinol, as an ingredient, is a great cell renewer and skin smoother. The more cells you’re turning over, the more radiant your skin is likely to look. It’s also rather good at stimulatin collagen and preventing collagen breakdown which is why it’s also pitched as an anti-age ingredient. It’s been the case for many years that retinol isn’t advised for day time use – the combination of sun and retinol isn’t a happy one because the continuous cell turnover action leaves your complexion vulnerable to sun damage and photo sensitivity. In fact, it was always the case that if you were using retinol, even at night, a sunscreen the next day was more or less compulsory.

However, the big difference about La Roche-Posay Redermic R Corrective UV SPF30 is that it is designed for day time use, hence the SPF30, borrowed from Anthelios (La Roche Posay’s sunscreen arm), that covers off UVB, long UVA and infrared.

If you loved the original Redermic R, I think this skin care launch will excite you. I’d say it’s best for older (30+) dull and sensitive skin or if you have dark marks that you mind about. It’s £29.50 at Boots, HERE.


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