Kate Somerville UncompliKated SPF50 Setting Spray

If anything is going to encourage us to use SPF on our faces, it’s products like this. Although SPF mists are commonplace in Asia, they haven’t truly taken off here (although Bioderma’s Hydrobio Eau de Soin SPF30 is one of my favourite products) in the way I thought they would.  It’s a comparatively superior formulation (it should be at £32) including hyaluronic acid and lavender oil but with anything like this, it’s as far from ‘natural’ as anything could be with a heavy dose of alcohol and isobutane which could lead to skin drying if you’re prone – although the hyaluronic may well counteract. I don’t personally have a problem with alcohol in products of this nature but if you’re sensitive to it, UncompliKated is not for you. The plus points are ease of use (you should consider regular re-misting an integral part of this product), lightweight for carrying in your bag (we need a mini version), and protecting your skin. I didn’t notice any ‘soft focus’ effect whatsoever. It’s HERE.

Kate Somerville Cold Cream Cleanser

I’ve also been testing the Kate Somerville Cold Cream Cleanser – a dream of a cleanser if you don’t like the weight or oiliness of a balm or the watery nature of a micellar. It’s kind of like a whipped lotion and it ploughs through make-up and grime leaving your complexion flexible and clean.

Kate Somerville Cold Cream Cleanser

When you open the tub, it looks like clouds of fluffy meringue before it has been baked and has a tempting tactile element that makes you want to dive in and get it on your face. It’s got a lightly floral scent (perhaps from the white honey, jasmine and rose) and is just a delight to use. It’s not the same as traditional cold creams although the formula is reminding me of another product that I can’t quite put my finger on – it’s a much lighter version of the old style classic from Ponds although I did an ingredient list comparison between the two – there is not one like ingredient so while they’re doing the same job, they’re using entirely different routes to do so. The fact that Kate’s version is £41 might make you feel more fondly towards actual Ponds at £3.25. It’s HERE. To ease the pain, you do get (with any £30+ spend) a three mini set worth £46 that contains a moisturiser, cleanser and exfoliator if you’ve been looking to explore this brand more.

One more thing you might like to know – I have only ever heard great things about Kate Somerville, the person. It seems like she is one of the good guys in the skin care industry although I wish she would shut up about wrinkles.


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