[unpaid/sample] It’s almost impossible to keep up with the new skin care launches that I thought might have showed signs of abating by now but I was drawn to Juno by the simplicity of it (and ease of testing, if I’m honest).

Juno Skin Review

The stand out (so far) is the cleansing balm with only ten ingredients but delivers a perfect cleanse. Juno is founded in California and is 100% focussed on Gen Z  (approx up to age 25) hence a big TikTok presence and a collaboration with Spongebob Squarepants (waitlist of 63K apparently) that put them in front of the eyes of their target audience. It’s been growth ever since and can only be a matter of time before its ready for sale.

Juno Skin Review

As so often proves to be the case with brands that deliberately target the newly hatched chickens, Juno also proves very appropriate for the hens who genuinely want to buy out of the anti-ageing trope and into healthy looking, glowing skin. Frankly, this is a missed opportunity but here we are. The Cleansing Balm uses Japanese pearl barley which often appears as a brightening ingredient in Asian skin care – it’s also full of peptides. The balm looks firm in the pot but in fact it’s loose once you dig in so melts on contact with the skin, allowing you to really massage around your complexion and loosen any make-up or grime.  It’s got a slightly citrus smell and reminds me of the Aromatica Orange Cleansing balm. It’s £12 but shipping from US is not free unless you spend $65+ so you might be better to get it for £13.99 from Amazon HERE.

The next star of the selection I’ve been sent is the Clarifying Cleansing Powder. It’s a corn starch and rice powder blend which is softening in itself but it also contains papaya enzymes to give it smoothing and gently exfoliating action. You activate it with a little bit of water so it becomes a foam and then just cleanse as normal. It’s probably better for oily skin although I didn’t find it drying.  It’s not, as yet, available for the UK market The Argan Cold Pressed Oil (£12) is unremarkable other than to say it’s a very good source of Vitamin E and you will get what your skin needs from it by way of holding in moisture and nourishing the complexion.

I can easily recommend all of these products – they’re simple, effective and budget friendly.  I don’t think it matters about skin age for these better-than-basics – particularly not when it comes to cleansers. Argan is a good multi-purpose option as an additional complexion layer if you need it but also for hair and nails. If you do want to give Juno a try, the UK price site is HERE.


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