Jo Malone English Mint & Ginger Lip Care

Every brand needs an entry point product and I’m thinking that at £20, the Lip Care is Jo Malone’s. Still expensive enough to feel like a luxury spend and a proper treat but falling into the relatively affordable realm. Jo Malone is one of the few brands where I feel the hidden costs of the frills are worth it – this balm of course comes in the iconic box all ribboned and pretty, just the same as any of the other products.

Jo Malone English Mint & Ginger Lip Care

The composition of the balm is beautiful – moringa butter, rose flower wax and kukui seed oils. I feel competent to compare since I’m half way through a tub of Sisley Lip Balm (£49!!!) and would say that this has a very similar feel albeit slightly firmer. It gives a pleasant protective coating to the lips that doesn’t disappear in two minutes flat which is important: you need a balm that stays so that you’re not eternally re-applying. It’s not too flavoured/scented either. I nominally get the mint but didn’t get any ginger – it was more a vanilla – which again is good. Overly sweet lip balms just encourage you to lick it off and end up in the eternal circle of lick/dry/apply. Once the Jo Malone balm is on it stays a good while. It’s also not so thick that you can’t easily apply lipstick over the top – you can.

I think you are getting a higher grade balm with this than your average high street balm and I think because of all the lovely packaging that’s so beautifully presented, it’s a great gift too if you can bear to part with it! John Lewis has it HERE or if you’re passing.



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