[productsample/affiliatelink] I wrote a few years ago about the Korean/Japanese method of using fine sheets of tissue soaked in skin care to ensure your product absorbs as fully as it possibly can.

Jinmee Hydra Puff

To my mind, the results are unequivocal – without a doubt, these think little sheets allow your skin to take in more product. I’ve searched across the brand site and it turns out they’re made from rayon pulp and they’re vegan, biodegradable and recyclable.

So, I tested the sheets this morning using the eye-wateringly expensive (£55 for 15ml) Carita Les Precis Hyaluronic Acid, applying as normal with my fingertips on one side of my face and on the other, a soaked Hydra Puff sheet. While the ‘normal’ side of my face went back to feeling pretty much as it was before after a few minutes, the Hydra Puff side felt actively hydrated – and cooler. The sheets soak up the liquid and deliver it over a longer period of time into the skin and without evaporation taking place because its covered, seem to be a far more efficient way to hydrate.

Jinmee Hydra Puff

I mean, I think you could spend your time finely separating tissue and end up with a similar result but life’s too short for that fiddliness! I’m not sure you’re saving product either as suggested – because the sheet needs to be soaked in product, it lends itself better to softening lotions or toners, but you can use serums and oils. The sheet does absorb product well so I think I’d be using a dropper to dot expensive serum or oil onto it just to keep an eye on how much I’m actually putting on. There’s a natural point when you know the sheet is ‘done’ – it just starts to feel a bit dryer and for me it was about half an hour.

You can also mix and match what products you’re putting on – if you want serum AND oil, what’s to stop you! Or softening lotion and serum – it’s as you wish. This is definitely one for the skin care buffs and I am certain you’ll see a difference. At £6.50 for 60 sheets, it’s a lot of satisfaction for not a lot of cash! They’re HERE non affiliate HERE.

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