[productsample] If you’re surrounded by mineral rich, natural elements, it makes perfect sense to harvest them for the good. The Hebrides, where Ishga hails from, is known for its clean sea water and seaweed in abundance. Ishga sustainably harvests the seaweed and turns it into skin energizing products (did you know, for example, that the elements in seaweed are said to help to block the breakdown of your natural hyaluronic acid, and we all know how much we like that stuff!).

Ishga Organic Seaweed Hydrating Hand Cream

While I’m not sure why you’d put hand cream in a glass, pump style bottle, which seems like a very expensive way to package a utilitarian product (but perhaps it’s to do with preserving), it’s a generously softening and hydrating formula that I’d be happy to use daily. I think this brand will either fit into your lifestyle and aesthetic or it won’t – in context, with a backdrop of foaming sea and rugged landscapes, it’s a great fit – I mean you can almost smell the salt on the water (thankfully, you can’t smell the seaweed) and the rain in the air. But, it doesn’t naturally draw my eye.

The wider picture for brands like Ishga is a testament to small businesses in remote locations utilizing what nature has given them in the very best way. If we’re supporting British brands creating great products it’s automatically kinder on things like air miles and carbon foot printing so makes for a less resource draining lifestyle. I like seaweed in beauty products, but they also sell Seaweed Food Capsules and since I’m a supplement monster and not so much a fan of iodine rich foods like fish (although I love a bit of samphire) I’m very much drawn to them HERE. The hand cream is £29.50 HERE.

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