[samples/affiliate/ad] You can’t have missed Gwyneth-gate in the past couple of weeks – the Goop founder caused an uproar by not applying her sunscreen properly and said she wasn’t a ‘head to toe slatherer’ preferring to put SPF on her nose and where the sun hits. Which of course, is entirely up to her – its her skin. Objections came from – oh, everyone and anyone claiming her video for Vogue was ruining complexions all over the globe. To be honest, Gwyneth has probably done more, unwittingly, to educate and inform on SPF in the last fortnight than any brand could hope to in a year, thanks to the viral nature of the education and outrage that followed. I mean, there are clear health issues from taking too much sun as well as skin issues so to avoid both, it’s best to slather up.  I think sun education should be taught from primary school actually – perhaps it is… it’s a while since I’ve had a school age child, but you’d have to have been under a rock for a decade not to know the basics, so her video didn’t agitate me as much as others. Goop isn’t where I go for beauty advice (or candles!). Personally, I like my tone warmed (I don’t actively tan these days – you’ll find me under the sun umbrella on holiday more often than not) just a little bit and I do step out of the house without anything at all if it’s just a quick nip to the local shop or similar or a very early morning dog walk. Anything more and I cover up.

Heliocare 360° SPF

But the days are getting sunnier so it’s timely to give an offer on Heliocare 360. My two favourites are above – Gel Oil Free Dry Touch and Water Gel. We’ve all been taking advantage of walking more and spending time in outdoor spaces at the same time as wearing less make up, so our tinted/SPF hybrids (which come under scrutiny anyway because they need reapplying more than you would naturally reapply a foundation so probably aren’t giving the protection you think) aren’t seeing the light of day as much. If you’ve given up on bases, SPF is a basic must. Even if you haven’t, finding SPF that works with a base is a job in itself – another reason why hybrids are popular. Personally, I don’t like my complexion to feel loaded and so have often relied on hybrids on low sun exposure days – I’ve seen my pigmentation get more present since lockdown started and I was in the garden more over the summer. So, that’s enough to tell me to be more mindful – I don’t mind pigmentation but I’m not actively seeking it out, obviously.

Heliocare 360° SPF

Both of these are light in texture (I’ve worn foundation over both with no problem at all but compatibility will depend upon what base you use) and high in anti-oxidants so work well as a daily application. Heliocare protects against UVA/UVB, visible light and Infrared A as well as a repair complex to prevent additional sun damage and repair any existing. It’s a very comprehensive website so you can dig into the detail if you wish. I think, between both, the Oil Free Gel feels the most compatible for my skin – you just don’t know its there but in a side by side texture test, the Gel felt softer on my skin. I mean, you really do have all bases covered with this – it’s very popular with dermatologists and has earned their trust. So, there’s 10% off using this link HERE, but do take a look at the bundles which are already discounted and you still get the 10%.

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