On the recommendation of a friend I bought this serum last week and so far, first impressions are good. The issue my friend had with her skin was that it was dry and sore from being reactive to the weather. This isn’t actually something I have a major issue with but from time to time after a particularly bracing dog walk it can happen. My friend attributed her newly hydrated and comfortable, moisturised skin to Neurophroline serum, citing it better and more effective than hyaluronic acid – and that’s what made me buy it before she’d barely finished her sentence!

GOW Neurophroline Serum

I’ve even had Lucy trying it out on her super sensitive skin and she’s been able to use it with no problems at all which is a miracle in itself. I know very little about neurophroline so I’m taking my cue from the Victoria Health website that explains it better than I ever could. However, top line is that it’s an extract from wild indigo that helps to break down cortisol production and activates a natural calming neuropeptide within the skin. In this formulation, 2% neurphroline is blended with hyaluronic acid and liposomes and together they’re a power team. So, at this early stage, noticeable results are that it forms a kind of very, very fine barrier layer that feels protective without feeling at all intrusive and seems to hold in moisture as well as boost regular moisturising effects. You can mix it with your daily moisturiser both night and day. I feel like I’ve been let in on some kind of skin care secret with this – hearing my friend’s results first hand, the fact that Lucy can use it on her sensitive skin and its being helpful in hydration and calming, and what I can feel on my own skin I’m happy to do an early stage recommendation. It’s £18 HERE. Don’t blame me if you get addicted :-).



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