[productsample/affiliatelinks] I can’t find anything not to like about this New Zealand based brand founded and run by women (of all ages by the way – the Creative Director is in her 50’s). Everything hits the mark, from the Face Elixir (Stars Aligning) to the Body Oil (Soaked In Sunshine) because the vibe is right. Bright, positive, powerful, energetic and perceptive.

Girl Undiscovered

Most brands struggle to find a voice that resonates and stops them sinking into the general beauty abyss – think of the million and one Glossier copycats that don’t have anything to say and what they do have to say is clumsily articulated. Girl Undiscovered has a very steady and certain voice – it’s talking to women who don’t want to fit a mould, but do want to value their beauty. There is no one ‘girl’ – it’s every woman, any tone, any age or any culture. The products are powerful and not just because of their nature inspired ingredients.

Girl Undiscovered

My top pic is the Under The Waterfall Crystal Cleansing Water, £36 (apparently enough for 110 applications). Now, I am not particularly a crystal lover – I don’t have the faith in that respect, but I do quite like the earthy elevation of a micellar to something imbued with an extra dimension. Lots of people do love a crystal, I’m just not one of them. The ‘water’ is a gentle, non scented cleanser containing coconut water, aloe juice, honey and New Zealand Matakana water. It’s effective and kind-feeling although best for skin cleansing rather than heavy make-up removal. I also can’t stop looking at the bottle – who the heck doesn’t want to be under a waterfall? When I’ve finished the cleansing water, every other micellar I buy is going to be decanted into this. It’s glass, so recyclable.

Girl Undiscovered

The other product that I love is Pink Skies Balm. All the packaging, by the way, uses beautifully chosen words to speak about dimensions of beauty, about perception, and crucially, about what beauty feels like, not what it looks like. It’s a native-ingredient do-it-all balm that I immediately (after the surprise sunshine) slathered on my dry heels. Moringa, kawakawa leaf, bee propolis and cinnamon bark create an anti-inflammatory balm that’s bliss on skin in need. It’s £27.

The brand doesn’t test on animals, use petrochemicals or artificial fragrances. I think Girl Undiscovered is a brand for our time where beauty is honoured not judged. You can find it HERE non affiliate HERE. I could see it sitting really well in retails stores like All Saints or Jigsaw.





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