EVY Sunscreen Mousse

It’s difficult to actually ‘review’ sunscreen especially as we’re not exactly basking in rays in the UK at the moment! However, this new sunscreen from Swedish brand, EVY Techology, is different in that rather than sitting on the surface, the mousse is absorbed into the entire top layer of the skin.

EVY Sunscreen Mousse

The mousse feels different to any other sun care that I’ve used. It doesn’t feel oily or greasy or even anything much like a traditional sunscreen. It feels more skin care than anything, and decent, high-end skin care at that. When you think about protective barriers, you think heavy (I think it’s the word ‘barrier’) and this is far from that. The big thing is that you can tell that your skin can breathe because it’s not cloying or sticky – that’s a massive plus if you can’t bear to put anything on your hot skin when the temperature rises. Once its on, your skin just feels hydrated and soft and not loaded with product.


EVY indicates a 6 hour protection – long-stay sunscreens get a bad press because they rarely last as long as they should and they also trick you into thinking that you don’t need to be as vigilant in the sun. I mean, who counts the hours when the Margueritas arrive? Because of the way EVY is absorbed into the skin, it provides water-resistance (it’s not a wet-suit – nothing gives full waterproofing so be sensible and reapply if you’re in the water for a while) and more reliable longer lasting protection.

EVY Sunscreen Mousse

If you think the 150ml cans look a bit small, bear in mind that it’s mousse, so you’ll get around double the amount when it comes out of the can. I think they could do with some 100ml for carry-on to be honest.. I love the idea that a product doubles in amount but bypasses the airport rules. Because it’s suitable for sensitive skin (no fragrance or preservatives), I’ve promised this to Lucy to take on her holiday next week but I’m regretting it already because I want it, especially as I’ve just spotted you can wear it over or under make up!  This is a huge recommend from me – it’s super impressive (you can read up more about it HERE) and one of the least obtrusive textures for a sun screen I’ve ever come across.

It’s available exclusively at SpaceNK HERE with prices starting at £25. Space is on double NK points at the moment, in case that’s relevant. The exact protection details are below:

The SPF on the bottle only indicates UVB protection, for example 30. Our UVA protection is thus over 90% of SPF30, or 90% of 97% UVB protection. We follow Boots’ standard for UVA and give the highest possible protection: 5 stars.

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