Estee Lauder Expert Liquid Tape

As part of the forthcoming New Dimension range that aims to define facial contours (which sounds more and more unlikely the more I think about it) they have the Estee Lauder Expert Liquid Tape. It’s not the star of the show – that’s the Shape & Fill Expert Serum – but parti of what I imagine will be a whole host of ‘New Dimension’ products.

The Estee Lauder Expert Liquid Tape categorically did not work on me. It’s supposed to give your eyes a tautened and firmed effect. It didn’t. All it did was fight with my foundation and ball up. Funnily enough, it worked better on my hand while I was putting it through its paces but the results just didn’t translate to the eye area, and if something isn’t compatible with foundation, then unless you are habitually bare faced, I can’t see how it’s helpful, especially at £46. If I’d paid for this myself, I’d be livid.

Both products launch in September.

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