[productsample/affiliate/previousadrelationship] Honestly, I think that this new slew of brightening tonics is just going to seamlessly become a regular part of our routines. I can get more on board with it than the essences which, even though I understand what they do still feel a bit vague somehow (although I do have a great one to talk about next week). Brightening is just more solid ground in terms of what to expect rather than a wafty claim of helping other products to work better.

Emma Hardie Exfoliating Brightening Tonic

What’s different about the Emma Hardie version is that it comes as a spritz – it takes two seconds to apply although the brand suggests spritzing onto a cotton pad I’ve been spritzing it straight onto my skin and if there is excess, padding it off. I’m pretty sure they suggest spritzing on a cotton pad first so that people don’t then complain they got it in their eyes – so if you think that’s likely, use the cotton. I’m risking it all by a direct action :-).

Emma Hardie Exfoliating Brightening Tonic

If you love the smell of Emma Hardie cleansers, the tonic carries that olfactory theme on so it’s a wonderfully spa-like spritz. The brand uses pomegranate enzymes to increase cell turnover by sloughing away the ones that stop your skin from glowing. That’s the prime aim of any glow tonic but this formulation also works on elasticity and brightening although I think you’d be less likely to see those results before you notice a general uptick in skin smoothness. I haven’t used it long term but I’m more persuaded every time I see this type of product that it should be in my regular routine. Oh, when I featured the Murad version, I wasn’t sure if you could use these tonics with retinol. They fed back to me that you can use enzymes with retinol, although everyone’s skin is different, so I’ve been using the Murad version in the evenings.

It’s £28 – I imagine it will last at least a couple of months – HERE, non affiliate HERE. Because the scent is so distinctively ‘Emma Hardie’ and I always associate that with end of the day cleansing, the spritz carries that same association which I find very relaxing in an ‘ahhhhh-moment’ kind of a way.

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