[productsample/affiliatelink] For the past couple of weeks I’ve been dipping in and out of e.l.f. Super Skin Care – I’ve got a lot of really pricey products sitting on my desk so it’s been a welcome distraction from the problematic issue of how much money we’re enticed to spend on our faces.

e.l.f. Super Skin Care

There are products suitable across all categories – oily, dry, normal, combination and sensitive – as well as texture variants such as bubble masks, jellies and creams: these brighter shade products – the ‘supers’ are the new ones but what I didn’t realise before is that e.l.f. has a very comprehensive skin care selection anyway.

e.l.f. Super Skin Care

The product that I’ve liked best for my skin is the Superhydrate in a gel-cream format that instantly makes my skin feel springy and smooth. It’s £12. I would say that the less you pay, the less of the active ingredients you’re going to get, but Squalane along with Niacinamide and Trehalose feature 6th, 7th and 8th in the ingredient listing so that’s that myth blown out of the water! It’s an easy formula for any age skin that needs suppleness and moisture. I think it’s more day than night.

e.l.f. Super Skin Care

If your skin runs to oily (whatever age), you’ll find the Superclarify, £6, a useful cleanse. My skin isn’t oily, but I’ve given it a test run and I have no complaints about it as a skin cleanser – it didn’t strip my complexion at all but did leave it feeling fresh. In fact, it’s got a sort of orangey-citrussy scent that’s lovely and made me think of it as a nice morning cleanse. I didn’t like the Jelly Primer personally – it’s just not right for me (and it’s also not part of the Supers collection) – and I’m already using a retinol product so left the Supertone well alone as my skin doesn’t need any more exfoliation just now. But, these products easily prove that you can get decent skin care that doesn’t leave your wallet weeping.

You’re still going to find common ingredients such as dimethicone in the mix so do take a look at the full listings but if you’re not irritated or reactive to such things, I’ve found the Supers really enjoyable on the whole. It’s a small thing, I know, but the vibrancy of the packaging is a big draw – against the white of a bathroom wall, they’re the first things you see in the room! You can find the entire selection HERE.

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