[productsample/affiliatelink] Because I never used the original Lala cream, it’s hard to draw a comparison other than to update you on what’s new about it.

Drunk Elephant Lala Retro Whipped Cream

I have seen (more or less) nothing but praise for Lala cream and the remix is to put ceramides into the ingredient line up. Ceramides are something you probably do want in your skin care routine (they’re basically lipids that occur in your skin anyway, so more is good as are any ceramide precursors that help skin make more ceramides) as they bind skin cells and form a protective layer that prevents moisture loss.

Drunk Elephant Lala Retro Whipped Cream

What I like (never mind the ceramides) is that this ‘cream’ is heavy on oils and yet doesn’t feel like a oil formula – it’s really light on the complexion. It’s whipped but not to a moussy consistency exactly, just lighter than you’d expect – and anyway, any real ‘whip’ would be squashed by the airless delivery method (which forces the product out into a flower shape and yes, I’m shallow but I love that detail). Oils are Marula, Mongongo, Baobab, Kalahari Melon and  Ximenia (yellow plum). These are all super skin friendly giving vitamin C and antioxidant generous moisturising properties.

All the beauty brands are paying hard attention to textures (possibly for entry into or to appeal to the Asian market where they do not tolerate heavy creams because of the intense humidity) and it’s paying off because – and I stress, I’ve done a top line test only on this – this is a super easy wear texture that doesn’t make skin feel hot or loaded. It’s a solidly reliable moisturiser – your skin will feel more hydrated for it, that I can guarantee, and I like that it’s not making any big anti-ageing claims but focusing instead on complexion condition – i.e. skin that needs moisture rather than skin that needs to look younger.

It’s £50 so not a cheapie but if you’ve yet to be persuaded by this brand, this might be a good place to begin your discovery. In terms of product vibe, I was reminded of Kate Somerville Goat Milk although the ingredient list is entirely different.. it just had that kind of aura about it (or perhaps I need to go on holiday sooner than I thought!). You can find it HERE, non affiliate HERE.



troduce it to this quenching, nourishing all-purpose moisturising cream. Taking ceramides and blending with six rare African oils and whipping them up into a cream, this airy blend has the luxurious texture of a rich face cream without feeling suffocating or heavy. Marula oil nourishes and rejuvenates skin, high in antioxidants and omegas; Mongongo defends against environmental aggressors; baobab is rich in vitamin C and provides moisturising, antioxidant and soothing benefits; Kalahari melon is a super-moisturising, rejuvenating oil; ximenia is rich in vitamin C and very nourishing and, finally, passion fruit is rich in essential fatty acids and vitamin C to help brighten skin. Accompanying these nourishing oils, plantain extract aids in restoring skin and brightening, while ferment oil green tea seed provides moisturising and nourishing benefits. Formulated at an ideal pH level of 5.5, Lala Retro Whipped Cream prevents skin from looking dull or dry while delivering a steady dose of moisture throughout the day and night. The airtight container also helps the formula to stay super-fresh. The airtight (and cute!) container also helps the formula to stay super-fresh.

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