[unpaid/sample/affiliate/ad] Closer inspection at the ingredient list of this new mask from Dermalogica reveals a small amount of lactic acid, which, combined with bamboo micro-grains means you get a gentle, but noticeable  exfoliation that leaves skin soft and velvety. It’s not on any scale compared to Kate Somerville Exfolikate so if you found that far too strong, this is a much milder alternative.

Dermalogica Hydro Masque Exfoliant

This is genuinely a very lovely formula – you need to massage it round your skin for two to five minutes and honestly, that’s harder than you might think. A full five minutes of massaging your own face will leave the muscles in your arms crying for help as you make those tiny movements over and over. I did manage to do it on Max’s face for the full five but the different angle on my own made it difficult.

Dermalogica Hydro Masque Exfoliant

The packaging is great – seamless – you press from the bottom and out it comes from the top. I haven’t seen this exact componantry before. A lot is made about the hydrating aspect of this mask – yet, I didn’t find it particularly so. It feels cool to the skin and very pleasant on the complexion with snow mushroom flagged as the hydration hero…. the spheres? Who knows? It’s really not clear what those are. Once the mask is taken off with a warm washcloth, skin doesn’t feel dry at all but neither does it feel drenched in hydration. Weird. And, it’s £55 and I cannot see why. Mind you, I noticed that Microfoliant is also £55 – I swear it used to be about £20 – and I genuinely don’t see how a bit of rice powder can be that much.

With so many new skin care brands, older more established brands are really being laid bare – I can’t see who is being targeted with the Hydro Mask – it doesn’t seem clear and lovely as it is, I can’t see what it brings over and above what the brand already has on offer. The Skin Soothing Cream (£39) by the way, is the perfect accompaniment for the mask because while it isn’t abrasive, if you are the slightest bit sensitive to exfoliating, the cream is an instant relief in terms of soothing and hydrating. My skin looked sharper I think I would say – just better than it did before the mask, and Max’s definitely looked brighter and cleaner but I think that’s something that would happen with any price exfoliant. You need to be very welded to this brand to shell out for it this particular mask. I know that this is a mixed review but I find it a confusing product – it’s neither bad nor exceptional but is priced to be amazing. You can find it HERE (do Google about – I’ve found it cheaper elsewhere).


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