Ever since I wrote about Cloud 9 Skin Solutions a few months back, I’ve been intrigued by the brand’s journey – in particular the varicose vein treatment which is quite an unlikely point of interest, since I don’t actually have them. You often don’t get to hear about the inspiration behind brands, or if you do, it’s a manufactured version built more for PR than anything. And for many brands, there’s really no story. But for Cloud 9 Skin Solutions there really is.


Friends and colleagues Armen (above) and Ramin founded Cloud 9 when Ramin’s father-in-law suffered from excruciating varicose veins (say what these are). Because of health, surgery wasn’t an option, and I think it must be so hard to see someone in constant pain and not to be able to help. Spurred by the fact that it seemed like a hopeless situation, they roped in a friend to help them research products on the market and see if they could find a solution of some sort. To cut to the chase – nothing existing helped Ramin’s father-in-law. At their end of the research, bearing in mind they’re not scientists, Ramin and Armen rooted through their family bathroom cupboards to find half-used products littering them, because the lotions weren’t doing the jobs they were supposed to do. However, taking their ideas to scientists meant that they could strip everything back and start from scratch to get to a treatment that did provide relief. And, that’s how Cloud 9 Skin Solutions was born! Is a bit sexist to say that it’s quite a blokey attitude to want to problem solve rather than pretty up?

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I think their findings would reflect all our beauty and bathroom cupboards with products not living up to expectations, I think it’s interesting that they a) noticed and b) took action! With Ramin’s father-in-law still using Nature’s Miracle for his problem veins, the Cloud 9 Skin Solutions team started looking at other difficult-to-treat conditions. Cloud 9 products are often about what’s been left out as much as what’s been put in, and it’s testament to the small team that the line-up will be heading to SpaceNK later this month. To get past the buyers, you need some very convincing products.

The upshot of problem solving for someone genuinely suffering is that Ramin and Armen have both left their jobs and run Cloud 9 Skin Solutions full time. Taking Tranquility Cream as an example, when I last blogged this I was surprised that it is bright pink – the natural shade of Vitamin B12 – and in high enough quantity that the pink shows. I can’t think of another B12 laced product that is pink in the tube which will tell you a thing or two about ingredient strength. Apart from the B12, it contains avocado oil and absolutely nothing else. But, if your skin is sore with dermatitis, eczema or psoriasis for example, then it really is all you need to bring relief. A very different scenario from all other products for skin conditions like those that are full of ‘filler’ ingredients.

So the work for Cloud 9 Skincare goes on – I hear that there’s a lip product in development which I can’t wait to try. But, I think a bit of a round of applause for this brand that started from such a good place and is going on to be listed in SpaceNK. It’s one of the great pleasures of working in beauty world – watching brands start small and move on to bigger things. You can find Cloud 9 Skin Solutions HERE.

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