Charlotte Tilbury Sheet Mask

I was SO prepared to hate this – sheet masks aren’t really my favourite things and I was totally convinced that a dry sheet mask really couldn’t do anything much.

I’m so wrong! First of all, there’s no good look to this, but at least with a dry mask, the ear hooks don’t mess up your hair, and they do actually work properly to keep the mask firmly against your skin.

Secondly, you will sit there thinking, ‘this is doing nothing’. You will probably wonder why you spent £18 on the thing that is doing nothing. You’re encouraged to massage the exterior of the mask gently while you’re wearing it. Probably to distract you from feeling bitter about the £18 for a single mask.

However… when it comes off! My skin felt totally hydrated, looked smoother and infinitely perked up. The only thing I can liken it to is when you’ve used BioEffect the night before. It’s that same hyaluronic burst that makes a noticeable difference in radiance, hydration, suppleness and smoothness to your skin. There really aren’t many products that can do this.

You can re-use the mask twice more so don’t throw it away (I’ve had two goes at mine.. the second was equal to the first). Make sure you use it in the morning so you don’t sleep on your results but do use it while you blow dry and shave off 5 minutes of wear because the heat will help to give results more quickly.

Maybe my skin was just dying for all the things in the mask or maybe I was just in the right light, but I feel I really had a great result from this cloth infused with Vitamin B3, plant cell extracts (still not convinced about those), crocus bulb extract and, er, ‘magic oils’. I’m surprised there is no hyaluronic in the microvector delivery system. Instead, top ingredients listed are stearic acid (a fatty acid), shea butter, glycerine, olive oil, mango seed butter and avocado oil – so it’s nothing that we’re not used to. But, it worked for me and I can’t really say why or how.

A note on stearic acid: this isn’t always vegetarian or vegan, so you might want to double check before you buy if that’s a consideration for you. Also, sensitive skin note: this mask does feel quite ‘active’… I’d suggest if you have sensitivities, you avoid or proceed with caution. A single mask is HERE for £18, or there’s a pack of 4 for £60 HERE which doesn’t seem too unreasonable given there are three wears from each mask.

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