[unpaid/sample/affiliate/ad] Imagine, if you take the numbers on the packaging at face value, skin that is 337% more radiant. Surely we’d be able to see each other in the dark? This brand loves a number splash and previously unheard of ingredients – Nanocacao O? Let me explain….

Charlotte Tilbury Collagen Superfusion Facial Oil

There are some lovely, reliable ingredients in this oil – avocado, olive, babassu, raspberry seed, blueberry seed and evening primrose which by anyone’s standards makes a delicious skin food for softer and more hydrated complexions. Cocoyl hydrolized collagen is a blend of coconut acids and collagen but the other two – Nanocacao O and MAXnolia O are specifically blended for the Charlotte Tilbury brand by Mibelle Biochemistry AG who get a name check on the CT website which is really unusual. On the bottom of the box there are two asterisk notes – *tested on 30 people and **tested on 15 people. At first, I couldn’t find what they referred to but on closer inspection, the tiniest nano-dot asterisks appear by the claims on the side of the box with claim of +206% more hydration in one hour tested on 15 and the rest of the claims tested on 30. So, Nanocacao O, according to Mibelle is a ‘lipophilic fraction of cocoa beans that is encapsulated in a nanoemulsion. It de-stresses and relaxes the skin and reduces skin tension’ while MAXnolia O is ‘a water-dispersible active powder that is based on a premium magnolia bark extract. MAXnolia inhibits the activation of NF-κB, which is a key mediator in the skin’s chronic inflammation process. It manages to neutralize internal aging factors and reduce skin redness’. I am not sure how relaxing and reducing skin tension could show on skin outside of a lab in any meaningful way so I’m going to shout that one as a marketing dose. I’m not sciencey enough to know about MAXnolia O without disappearing down a rabbit hole of things I don’t understand for the rest of the day so I’m just going to crack on 🙂

Charlotte Tilbury Collagen Superfusion Facial Oil

Setting obfuscation aside, Charlotte Tilbury Collagen Superfusion Facial Oil is a lovely oil – it smells spa-ish and feels at home straight away on the skin. It’s recommended that if your skin is extra dry, top with Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream but you could just as easily top with whatever you’re currently using. It’s a similar routine to the one I’m using at the moment which is REN Overnight Recovery Balm (which is oil-ish) topped with Irene Forte Hibiscus Night Cream and that is a match made in heaven. So topping your oil might be the best thing you ever did and it’s not something I see recommended very often – mostly experts will say to add the moisturiser then the oil because the oil is occlusive and keeps the moisture in but the other way around is working very nicely for me. Try it both ways maybe.

Charlotte Tilbury Collagen Superfusion Facial Oil

If you love a facial oil, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed with the Charlotte Tilbury Collagen Superfusion Facial Oil – it does contain essential oils so if you’re sensitive to those it’s not for you but it’s ticking all the boxes for a nourishing skin treat and it would do so without all the shouty claims that might stand up in a lab but I just can’t square as standing up on a human face (visibly reduces the look of wrinkles by 80%?). Charlotte Tilbury is one of the most popular brands on my site and the most searched for so maybe it’s just me that gets irked by the claims – it bothers me because it taps into women’s biggest fears about how they look using clever wording to make promises that assuage those fears. Anyway, on that note, Charlotte Tilbury Collagen Superfusion Facial Oil is £60 HERE.

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