Armani Prima Instant Off Foaming Cleanser

Gosh – well, this is the ultimate do-it-all cleanser. Official title, Armani Prima Instant Off Face/Eyes/Lips Oil-in-Gel Foaming Cleanser which is something of a mouthful, but it’s truly an exceptional cleanser. Designed to be a double cleanse in one by removing make up and cleansing skin in one go. My skin hasn’t felt this soft after cleansing for a long time, and it’s largely due to the inclusion of glycolic and salicylic acids that give a smoothing, exfoliating effect.

Giorgio Armani Prima Instant Off Foaming Cleanser

It goes onto skin like a (gel-ish) oil and once you start to massage, it turns to a creamy, rather than foamy, foam before the rinse away. There are two ways to use it – the brand suggests one way at night and one way in the morning but you only need to do it the best way it suits you. First, you can put onto wet skin, lather and rinse, or put onto dry skin, then add water to lather and rinse. I think the second version is better to tackle eye make up and it’s the method I used when I tested it (and yes, it did get rid of all make up but mascara removal wasn’t quite perfect). I was all set to say that it’s very expensive, but actually, it’s £32. I know that is expensive but we’re on a par with brands like Jurlique price-wise. If you’re up for a treat, I’d really recommend because it is certainly a level up and I can almost guarantee you will feel the effect on your complexion.

Giorgio Armani Prima Instant Off Foaming Cleanser

The second new product to tell you about is the Soft Peeling Lotion, £45. I haven’t used this for long enough to say whether it performs longer term, but in short-testing, the softening effect is blindingly obvious. It feels like a thick, slippy water, I guess you might say, and the brand suggests putting a drop onto a cotton pad and applying to your skin. However, I don’t like that method as I think you lose too much product to the cotton! Just pop a few drops into the palm of your hand and apply with your finger tips before massaging around. Ingredients include our hero, hyaluronic acid, and HEPEs for exfoliation (also in the cleanser). This is an interesting ingredient – I have never heard of HEPEs, short for Hydroxyethylpiperazine Ethane Sulfonic Acid and it gets a ‘poor’ rating on Paula’s Choice as a beauty ingredient, but it pops up in a lot of L’Oreal products. I have had no bad effect from it – the opposite, in fact, but obviously, do your research.

They both launch on Wednesday.

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