[sample] This will be of interest to regular self-tanners and I’m sure I don’t need to express the importance of having a clean canvas to apply your tan to. Any dry skin means that tan will cling harder and allow patches or colour deviation to occur. Danger points on the face are often between the brows or across the top lip.

Amanda Harrington Advanced Glycolic Facial Pads

Amanda Harrington is a professional tanner (yes, to the stars!) and what she doesn’t know about how to get it right isn’t worth knowing. I’m actually just cringing slightly at the thought of getting a red carpet tan wrong and how it’s really a make or break situation – it’s not like you can just wipe it off if it’s not right. Her New Skin range is created to minimise bloopers. As you can see from the packaging, the biodegradable pads are infused with glycolic acid to give your skin as smooth a surface as possible pre-self tan. It will whip off even the little bits you can’t really see as well as removing any older tan patches so you start afresh. I did a factory tour last week (different brand) and found it interesting that pads are put in the pots dry and a calibrated amount of liquid is added over the top to allow it to soak through all of them. The result is that you get the right amount of soak to each pad with no watery excess.

Amanda Harrington Advanced Glycolic Facial Pads

The liquid is a blend of fruit enzymes and glycolic acid (amongst other things) and when I gave a pad a try, I found it gentle but definitely smoothing – it whipped off some make up I thought I’d already removed. I think it’s a more expensive way to buy glycolic at £18 than a bottle of glycolic toner and cotton wool, but it’s certainly less fuss and easier for travel. There are 30 pads in a pot so you’re looking at about 3 months worth of use. You can find them HERE. 

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