I’ve had several requests for alternatives to the NIOD Copper Amino Isolate which has been sold out/waitlisted/disappeared since around about December time, even at £130! It’s not a product I’ve used (parted ways with Deciem some time ago) but it really does get all of the raves. I pay far more attention to what BBB readers tell me they like than any ‘reviews’ so I asked Twitter for the best alternatives.

If you don’t know the product, copper peptides do have legs in the world of firming and softening. Technically speaking, they have been widely studied for their ability to tremendously boost skin function and therefore give strength to the enzymes responsible for collagen and elastin. However, if you want the absolute low down, please read this feature HERE from Truth In Beauty which has it covered in so much (comprehensible) depth that it tells you everything you’d want to know.  NIOD’s CAIS was so popular for its strength and therefore results. So here we go:

@pointyhound suggests Mizon Peptide 500, £17.45 HERE. Mizon is a Korean brand and seems to do quite a few dropper type extra step skin care products that you can add in here and there as you wish.

@alexheartsbeauty suggests NCN (it’s also Andy Millward approved HERE) but I can’t find a stockist in the UK for it so you can find it HERE for $72 or extra strength for $115 (or if you want to try Ebay I have seen it there).

@becajgarcia recommends AlphaH Vitamin B Concentrated Serum that also contains Copper Tripeptide AND gets a very positive review from Caroline Hirons. It’s £58 HERE

I also had a few other US based suggestions which aren’t any good because they don’t ship, but if you’d like to add your own replacements for NIOD CAIS 5% please do pop your suggestions in comments. There’s an international shortage!

PS: I’ve called in Alpha H to try so I’ll report back in a few weeks.

PPS: I can’t publish any comments about DECIEM CEO.



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