Remember the sucky cup that made your lips fat? Or the jewelled beauty blender and stamp on eyebrows? Beauty inventions that just leave you with one big question; WHY? I think it’s fair to be sceptical when new innovations come along, but Slixir makes all the sense in the world. In a sentence, it’s a hand cream that makes your nail polish last longer.

I have asked ALL the questions on this and the best way I can explain it is that all nail polishes are based on polymer technology (even the ‘natural’ ones) and usually contain plasticisers. These are small molecules added to polymers during the manufacturing process to push polymer molecules further apart allowing the formula to stay softer and more flexible for ease of application. Once polish is dry on your nails the plasticisers start to evaporate which leads to chipping. To halt the progress of chips or fade, replenishing plasticiser within your polish – by way of Slixir hand cream – moves the molecules away from each other again giving extended flexibility and therefore longer lasting polish.

Nail polish isn’t solid – it contains lots of tiny pores which means that the right size molecule can penetrate it. In this instance, it’s plant oils that act as ‘plasticisers’ in Slixir at the correct penetrative molecule size which in effect plumps the polish up again to reinvigorate it.

This is all of the handy for holidays for a start where you don’t want to take your entire mani kit with you and also for general day to day time saving when starting over on a complete nail paint just isn’t in your itinerary for the week. I think it’s really what everyone is after – a manicure that lasts longer and chips or fades a whole lot less. Plus, it’s got all the usual benefits of a hand cream both for hand skin and for cuticles.

Slixir is on an introductory offer of £16.95 HERE.




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