[unpaid/sample/affiliate/ad] As I’m writing about the most summery of drinks I’m in a blanket and have just put the heating on for a few hours. I’m pleased to say though that I have battled through the recent chill to stay dedicated to my favourite wine and shivered my way through the odd glass or two. My first foray into buying nice wine (for years I didn’t drink at all and then when I did, it was only occasionally – I randomly took to pink wine a few years ago so was on a steep learning curve) was a disaster. I had always left it to Mr BBB (who had a ready supply anyway because he worked for a drinks company for many years) so was very pleased with myself for ordering a box of the hard to find Les Bambines (it is lovely) only for it to be dropped in transit smashing every bottle. As if that wasn’t bad enough, it turned out to be the last box and I had to wait an entire year to order more.

Nails Inc A Rosé A Day

The Nails Inc dedication to my tipple is my favourite from the new drops. It’s just exactly the right shade of peachy pink to establish a jot of recognition. The shades are Make Mine A Rosé and Are We Having Wine?

Nails Inc A Rosé A Day

As my nails aren’t in great condition at the moment thanks to gardening the one I can easily wear is the shimmery Are We Having Wine? This kind of light up nail shade is forgiving of perfection and just gives a glimmer of something when a denser colour would highlight flaws – mine are different lengths and in need of a good mani. You can wear either shade separately or layer the shimmer over Make Mine A Rosé .

Nails Inc A Rose A Day

The first on the nail wheel is Are We Having Wine?, the second is the layered effect and the last is Make Mine A Rosé. Oh, the thing I forgot to mention is that the polishes are lightly floral scented – so light I didn’t smell it and in any case, smelling your nails always looks weird. It’s sold out at most places but I’ve found stock at Very HERE, non-affiliate HERE.

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