My nails have been so badly affected by the cold weather – something I previously thought was a bit of a myth has actually happened, with the tips pinging off randomly. And, I mean ALL the tips, apart from my thumbs.

Hand & Nail Rescue

So, I’m back in nail rehab with no nail polish at all. My friend Sam Sweet at CND Nails (my first port of call for any nail problems or quotes) sent me a care package consisting of CND Solar Oil and CND Cuticle Eraser. As luck would have it, I was sent the new By Terry hand cream so that’s the treat part of my regime, rather than the treatment part.

I am slowly starting to see a difference – I’m applying Solar whenever I think of it, so have it by my side; it’s multiple times a day, anyway. Solar Oil is a blend of jojoba and vitamin E oils and it’s not an instant fix – you’re relying on repeated use to eventually bring about stronger nails and hydrated cuticles. I wish I’d used it sooner really, rather than waiting for my nails to become an SOS situation. While in general, my nails are stronger (thanks to supplements, I feel) dry and cold air sucks all the hydration out and while I’ve been busy sending as much moisture as I can to my face, I’ve neglected my nails. Plus, I am sure it’s age related, too.

Hand & Nail Rescue

The By Terry Hand Cream – oh, too delicious. All rosy scented and moisturising. The tube is a bit dull to be honest, but inside the cream contains rose butter, rose blossom wax, rosehip oil (very high in essential fatty acids), Black Rose oil extract and Pastel Rose concentrate. I wasn’t familiar with this last ingredient but it too, apparently is high in essential fatty acids.

I was expecting it to be more expensive than £32 (HERE) – which let’s face it IS very expensive for a hand cream, but it really does feel like a proper treat and my hands are better for it without a doubt.

Finally, the Cuticle Eraser Cream, £11.95 (HERE). I don’t really have too much of a problem with cuticles, but I have do have some harder skin at the nail edges, so I’m using it whenever I use the Solar Oil, £12.95 (HERE). I haven’t seen results yet other than a slight softening (which might be Solar anyway) but thanks to AHAs that dissolve skin cells away (gently), I’m hopeful that the harder skin will disappear in due course.

Anyway, take my SOS situation as a warning..get slathering your nails with oil!

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