[unpaid/sample/affiliate/ad] I’ve been so curious about the Westman Atelier Eye Pods – if you are drawn to exceptional packaging, you have it here. They’re incredibly tactile with magnetic lids that keep them clustered together in a neat stack.

Westman Atelier Eye Pods

I think the thing that might surprise you most is the size – each one is just a little bigger than a £2 coin and being brutally honest, you don’t get a great deal of powder with the colours sitting a long way down inside the pot. I feel the only way to regard these is as luxury form and function in the same way you might view an expensive vase.

Westman Atelier Eye Pods

I’ve got the Eye Pod selection containing Neige, Chocolat and Tabac but there is another trio option with Noir, Champagne and Vin Rouge.

Westman Atelier Eye Pods

When it comes to texture, they’re gloriously silky – not as strong in tone as you might expect but they all spring to life with the right light. Otherwise they’re that foggy finish with a diffused blur – subtle and very much the easy wear unless you want to apply them wet in which case the intensity ramps right up. I can see these fitting right in to a pared back make up edit – a conscious collection I suppose – several people have said how they’re buying less but buying better. I was surprised to find that these aren’t refillable but the brand announced in January that they’re moving to make everything refillable. I love the pots so I’d be really happy to keep them and go for re-fills in the future.

Eye Pods Swatch

They’re £80 so very much a luxury purchase and have gone a bit beyond the ‘are they worth it?’ discussion. Yes, if your budget can expand to fit them in, no, if not. It’s the same argument as why buy a Dyson when a Henry will do the same job – only you ever know why one is more desirable than the other. Anyway, they’re HERE, non-affiliate HERE.


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