[unpaid/sample/affiliate/ad] I love it when skin care brands try their hand at make-up. It usually results in a superior product because their thinking revolves primarily around skin before the cosmetic colour enhancement.  This one comes with Vitamin C, Squalane and Aloe Vera.

Typology Tinted Serum

Typology is a French brand that focuses on natural and vegan ingredients. It has a philosophy of using only what’s necessary to make the product perform well and keep a low carbon footprint, sourcing ingredients from sustainable farms. As you can see, it’s pared back in style with recyclable bottles and paper labels. It’s perfect if you want a very light tint (the shade is a bit too deep for me which is entirely my fault because it’s what I asked for) that acts as skin care too. I put it through a yoga class and it’s ideal for that as your skin can really breathe but you have a little bit of light tint so the lights doesn’t drain your face. In terms of visibility, it really does fall into the barely there but on the plus you do have some matte moisture and if you’re shiny, it’s helpful.

Typology Tinted Serum

This is Medium 3 which as you can see is not my ideal shade but I did wear it and it blended out okay – okay enough that I could go to yoga. For me, it’s the sort of coverage I would prefer to wear when my tone is already warmed as an enhancer rather than relying on it to do the tone warming. There’s also no SPF so you’d need to consider that. I see Typology Tinted Serum as an easy wear, all-in-one product that ticking all the boxes for people who are ingredient and plant conscious and who like a minimal aesthetic. My one bug bear is that the pipette is really too small. It’s £25.90 HERE. I’m impressed by the fact that you can buy a second bottle, if there is not a direct match for you, for half price so you can blend the perfect shade at home. Non-affiliate is HERE.

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