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A bit of background on Glossier, a brand that looks as though it might be the antidote to beauty fatigue. It’s simple, clean, pared back and practical – everything that the frantic unicorn and fire trend is not. Founded by Emily Weiss, of fame (an instant hit US blog from the days when blogging was still cool and new), almost everything about Glossier is right. It’s a no pressure production that cares less about glamour and more about brilliant basics – being quick, smart and effortless – a holiday from product pressure I guess you could say.


I’m still taking this brand through its paces – I know of old and while it’s very much a Glossier best seller, it’s my very least favourite product being (in my view) more like flavoured Vaseline than anything new or exciting. However, that’s where the critique ends because I am instantly in love with Cloud Paint blush and I’d recommend adding it to your basket as soon as shipping to the UK goes live (in October) if you like a natural looking, creme-liquid blush.


Boy Brow (above, alongside Perfecting Skin Tint and Haloscope highlighter) is coloured or clear to define natural brows rather than model into an Instagram pair – you’ll find this collection is far more about optimizing than disguising.


First impressions of the Niacinamide + Zinc Super Pure Serum are good – it’s not right for my skin type at all (it’s for break out prone skin) but as an overall indicator of their serums in general there is nothing not to like. As a die hard gloss fan, the Glossier Gloss is straight into the keep drawer – it’s got all the shine with little tack or stickiness but just enough to make it stay a while rather than disappear. The Concealer isn’t right my for my skin, but it’s less dry than most creme concealers.


Unusually, the Generation G Lipsticks are colour ‘dialed down’ meaning that pigment is light and sheer, allowing your natural lip shade to come through as an undertone. Haloscope Highlighter, by the way, has a hydrating central core – it’s a pretty highlighter that does all the right highlighty things but it’s not exceptional – functional without being fancier than existing similar products.

In the swatch above you can see Haloscope, Cloud Paint in Beam and Puff and Generation G in Cake and Leo.

Generally, I love this range that speaks of a happier attitude to beauty – it’s not so much about being basic but about valuing what you have already and not trying to disguise it. I think I love that – as much as I can get on board with a full make up look as well, we’re bombarded with altered imagery and of unattainable beauty. Glossier is championing keeping it real, being far less hard on yourself (and your budget because all of it is reasonably priced) and is just a breath of fresh air.

There is talk of a Glossier is available to the UK (free postage over £25) HERE.

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